The Kitchen is Indeed the Heart of the Home

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Like any other Asian family, Mr. Peter Tan and his family spend much of their time in their kitchen in their 3-storey landed apartment. “Our fondest memories are made when gathered around the table,” says Mrs. Tan gesturing to the beautifully designed glass-top kitchen island that spans almost the entire kitchen space. It was no doubt that when designing their new home, the Tans had no hesitation and chose to work with Stephanie Bay from Hugo Homes Singapore – a designer that had her part in their previous kitchen design over 12 years ago. 

Now having completed renovating their new home, the couple spends much time hosting their friends in their newly renovated kitchen, often having hotpot dinners over their induction heated stove. “All of the friends that we have had over agree that our kitchen is really beautiful”, said Mrs Tan, while she took us on a tour around the kitchen. 


All about the Vulcucine Italian Glass Kitchen 

The Tan’s kitchen features a bespoke Italian Glass Kitchen by Vulcucine – a luxury Italian kitchen brand with over 40 years of presence in the industry. With over 370 different showrooms all over the world, Vulcucine is a well-known brand that prides itself on sustainability in design, innovation, and designs that are made to last the test of time. This kitchen sports the design from the Celata collection – one of Vulcucine’s most popular collections. Back by extensive research and development, the Celata collection is available in three different configurations, and accessories are also available to complement the already ever-so-practical design. 

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The Centre Piece of the Home 

One of the most iconic features of the Tan’s kitchen is the automated lift-up door that encloses the bar section. “When closed, the abstract patterns make it look like a piece of fine art,” shares Mrs. Tan. “It is positioned in such a way that it’s the first thing we see when we come home. And with just a simple wave of your hand upwards, the doors open and reveals a beautiful bar section that is lit up with seven different LED light combinations (all of which are also changeable with a simple wave of the hand).”


Not only is this aesthetically pleasing, but it is also functional in the sense that the homeowners do not have to keep wiping the kitchen down for dust or dirt – the enclosed bar section keeps the kitchen neat, and keeps dust away. 

Environmentally Friendly Glass Components & More! 

Most of us are familiar with wooden-based kitchen cabinets. What the Tan’s chose was a more unconventional glass alternative that is more environmentally friendly. “The thing about Italian glass is that it is highly durable! It is easy to clean, easy to maintain and even if we move to a new house, we can dismantle all these cabinets and reinstall them in our new house!” boasts Mr. Tan. 


Beyond these glass components, the couple also shared that their designer, Stephanie Bay, had incorporated other amazing accessories in the kitchen design. Such include a speaker and electrical socket system that when closed is flushed with the countertop, but when needed, raises automatically to serve as additional power points or even a Bluetooth speaker for some entertainment music. Other accessories and capabilities such as a dishwasher with automatic doors and even an induction cooker top on their kitchen island. 


“We love to host guests, and when there are 5 to 6 guests over, we can even place 5 to 6 different pots on the stove, and we can all enjoy warm hotpot dinners!” said Mrs. Tan. 

Built with Functionality and Design in Mind

“Our designer Ms. Stephanie Bay had thought out the entire kitchen configurations for us,” shares Mrs. Tan. “She even went down into the details of planning out space for us to store our utensils, pots and pans, cutlery, wine, and more. Thanks to this, we have a dedicated space for all of our kitchen equipment and never have to go searching when we need them.”

A Designer That They Could Trust 

“When we decided to renovate our new home, Stephanie from Hugo Homes was the first person we turned to for her service,”. shared Mr. Tan. “Even though she had done up our previous kitchen over 12 years ago, we still remained close friends, it’s not uncommon to have Stephanie over at our house for a catch-up session over a meal.” The couple also shared that one of the most important things that homeowners should look out for is the trust that they can place in their service and renovation providers. “We placed the entire project into Stephanie’s hands, and we are very pleased with the outcome,” said the couple. “If we were ever to move again, we would definitely look for Stephanie again!”

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