Meet JT and Jamie, homeowners with a fully automated house. A loving couple who shares a lot of things between each other and even their food, Jamie loves chicken wings while JT takes the drumettes and egg yolks she absolutely dislikes. A very positive person, she loves colours and designs while he is the tech expert.

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Both settled on the concept of modern luxe and this had to include cozy and bright lights. So, they turned to long time players in the industry - Molecule Interior Design.

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What made this ID stand out from the rest of the players was that Molecule Interiors managed to gather all the contractors and sub-contractors, electricians and carpenters who then conferred with JT and Jamie. This concept helped to build a strong sense of trust with the professionals and the homeowners so that every idea and plan was clearly mapped out and conceived. As a team, they coordinated very well so that while Jamie was busy with the colours and designs, tiles and laminate colours, JT would sort out the technical aspects of the renovation.

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A very detailed person, JT, whom Jamie considers as OCD, is very particular that the renovation process goes as smoothly as possible with minimal disruptions and delays.  Everyone would agree that there would always be that one nagging factor such as an unresponsive ID or some carpentry work gone awry. Not so with Molecule Interior Design. They always responded promptly to the homeowners’ requests and clarifications, even the small details or “gaps in between. For this that JT gets labeled as the “perfect project coordinator” between the ID and the couple.

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One very important factor to making that perfect home was engaging Home-A-Genius who provided the technical know-how of smart home integration. After sourcing many online videos, JT, who is very interested in technology and a “creature of convenience” immediately took on their recommendations. This means that everything, from the blinds, water heater and even the TV were fully automated. Jamie enjoys watching her movies without having to lift so much as a finger and even getting ready for work is a smooth and simple process, thanks to the smart home integration installed.

Thanks to Home-A-Genius, they now enjoy their dimmable lights, air conditioning, automatic roller blinds, and even the smart water heater. With one price, Home-A-Genius configured the electrical wiring to be in place for the switches that had to be installed. This certainly saved JT a whole lot of time and effort as the professional work done by smart home experts took good care of this.

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Both definitely enjoy all the smart home devices such as the door sensor which illuminates the house upon stepping into the space after work. They even programmed their water heater to turn itself off after 9 minutes of use. In addition, Jamie simply enjoys the automated roller blinds in the master bedroom, which enables her to enjoy a peaceful morning sleep just as the warm morning sun creeps into the bedroom.

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Planning way ahead to getting that smart home is important according to the couple. Doing your homework for all the furnishings and fittings needed even before the renovation commences is a must to avoid any unnecessary pitfalls that might occur because potential homeowners were not prepared. JT even believes that couples who do their homework may even reduce the cost of integrating a smart home concept into their renovation plans. Such a plan must also consider which switches are compatible with which app to be used and JT advises not mixing and matching brands of the devices to be installed. He further recommends Home-A-Genius, who regularly updates their own created app using their own interface that is connected to Google Assistant for convenience of use. One creative feature of this app is the floor plan where a homeowner can easily turn on and off the various automated appliances and features with a simple touch of a button.

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Professional, efficient are words JT describes working with Home-A-Genius. They conducted a “site-recce” before the renovation started and offered the ID advice so that the smart home integration process was well coordinated with the rest of the renovation work, thus giving JT and Jamie peace of mind. After the installation was completed, a smooth run-through was conducted so that the couple would be familiar with the workings of the new smart home and technical assistance contact was also provided as a follow-up should they have any queries that needed to be solved.

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Do your research before the renovation starts, find an ID you can work with and whom you feel is responsible and accountable. As they are going to be long time homeowners, the pair advise potential homeowners to be very certain of what interior design concept they would like their home nest to be and to stick to it without being easily swayed by what others may recommend.

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