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They say our house looks like an IKEA Showroom!

Meet Faidhi and Adelia a young couple that has just undergone their renovations only just a couple of months back. Designing their very first home, they envisioned a bright, airy space filled with wooden tones for their interior design. Synonymous with a Scandinavian theme, the couple also wanted a pop of color in their living room area to spice things up.

A space for family and friends

Before moving into this home, Faidhi and Adelia had always been attending family and friend gatherings at their respective houses, never being able to host in a home of their own. Ever since collecting the keys to this house, the couple, therefore, wanted to create a space that was suitable for both their family and their friends. With their son just turning 3 years old, the couple also needed a comfortable space for him to grow up and form his best memories.

Preserving old memories in a new home

Having grown up in his parent’s spacious 5-room flat, having a generous amount of space was key for Faidhi when designing this new home. Natural light and an airy atmosphere are necessary elements when building a comfortable space and the couple had incorporated this seamlessly in their living room. The couple had also additional storage spaces built into their extended kitchen countertop. This ensure that they had sufficient storage solutions that kept their homes clutter-free.

Pre-renovation fears

Prior to their own renovation, Faidhi and Adelia read about various renovation horror stories from other homeowners online. Many of these stories were accounts of the nightmares of homeowners and their unfortunate experiences with their renovation contractors and interior designers. Not leaving anything to chance, the couple took to social media and followed other home accounts, heeding the advice other homeowners had to give about their own renovation journeys.

Shortlisting their Interior Designer

Having followed House of Chais @houseofchais on Instagram from their early days, Adelia was an avid fan of their works. But it was not until the final hour before the couple managed to get off their waiting list and secure a renovation slot with them! “House of Chais has a very soft approach to their designing services, incorporating curves and various soft finishes to their projects. This was something that we really appreciated.” Having also reached out to 5-6 other interior designers, the couple was the most impressed with the proposal that House of Chais provided and did not hesitate to shortlist them as their chosen interior designers.

Overcoming their biggest fear

Faihdi and Adelia both shared that they were worried about the final design outcome for their home renovation and if their family and friends would appreciate the space as much as they did. Fortunately, their biggest fears did not come true. “House of Chais did a fantastic job in designing their house. Even providing us with styling services after the renovation was complete.”

The couple had engaged House of Chai’s services to curate and purchase different soft furnishings to style their house as well. “They provided us with a PDF document that had different recommendations to what we could buy to style up the space.” The couple shared that they were also able to shop for their own furnishings and check in with their designers when they needed a second opinion on whether it would fit in with their home design. “They were very honest with us, they gave us their opinions and when what we wanted did not match our theme, they were straightforward with their advice.” The couple also appreciated how the styling service provided complemented their busy schedules. “We both have very tight schedules and engaging House of Chais for styling really took a lot off our plates.”

Being featured on various online platforms

Having launched an Instagram account (@ohhmmy.home) to document their renovation, the couple shared that their home had been approached by numerous platforms to be featured. This extended online presence had brought much attention to the couple’s home, most of which was positive feedback. There were however a certain few that did not appreciate the Scandinavian design. “They said it looks like an IKEA showroom” shared Faidhi “But the only IKEA thing we have is this glass bottle.” “But we understand that not every design appeals to everyone, and what matters is that we like it very much.”

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