Documenting the stories behind each home transformation journey.

Challenges & Solutions

Traditional Homemakers vs. Small Condo Kitchen 

Smaller kitchens are synonymous with modern-day condominiums. Many of which present with...
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Living with her clothes on the floor for almost 2 months!

Picture what life must be like running a family business that is...
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Design Trends

The Kitchen is Indeed the Heart of the Home

Like any other Asian family, Mr. Peter Tan and his family spend...
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3 Interesting Condo Design Themes

For many Singaporeans, being able to afford a condominium - whether executive...
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3 Unique Design Styles For HDBs

If you’re looking to be unique and a little bit different from...
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Furniture & Accessories

Gate Door Window – Your One-Stop Renovation Accessories Supplier

SG Gate Door Window is one of the top suppliers of main...
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Debunk the ‘Luxury Hotel Mattress Myth’ and get the best sleep you’ve ever had!

A luxury mattress retailer and his quest to educate the world about...
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