Living with her clothes on the floor for almost 2 months!


Picture what life must be like running a family business that is over 142 years old, with 5 generations of family heritage in the books, over 30 employees to manage, countless events and sales meetings to run, along with all the quirks of being a business owner deep within the Covid-19 pandemic. Now imagine coming home to your clothes scattered all over your bedroom floor because the cabinet that you had ordered could not be delivered even after 6 weeks of back-and-forth arrangements. Life was definitely not a bed of roses for Ms Gracelyn Lin, CEO of a local floral and landscaping company. Read on to find out how our homeowner turned to local interior designer Adrian Chua from Sevenvine Pte Ltd to deliver an out-of-the-box solution to her wardrobe problems.

5th Generation of Sing See Soon Floral and Landscape Business Owners with CEO Gracelyn Lin in the foreground.
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The Challenge

When Ms Lin had first moved into her new cluster terrace home, never would she have thought that because of the space constraint of her stairwell, buying an off-the-shelf wardrobe was something that could not work – a full-sized wardrobe would simply just not fit up the stairwell! Her initial response to the problem was to turn to a reputable furniture and lifestyle retailer. However, 6 weeks down the road, she was still stuck at square one, unable to rely on the team of furniture specialists to come up with a solution. Coupled with logistic constraints due to the pandemic, there was simply no light at the end of the tunnel. 

A strong believer in supporting local service providers, Ms Lin eventually turned to a local interior designer, Adrian from Sevenvine Pte Ltd, in hopes that he had the expertise to manoeuvre around this peculiar problem. 

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The Solution

“I felt that the problem I had could easily be solved if I could get an expert to be on the ground to access the situation,” and that was precisely what she had found in Adrian. Working with her newly appointed interior designer, the team cemented a strategy following a few short discussions to further understand her requirements. 

“When it comes to building a home, there are many emotions involved. We need to manage the client’s fears and work around their budgets, and timelines. And in this short period of time, we need to come up with a solution that is designed around the lifestyle of the homeowner,” said Adrian in an interview. 

Having accessed the solution, Adrian and his team devised a creative solution to the problem at hand. Pulling all his resources together, the team worked seamlessly in building a temporary scaffolding structure along the facade of the building, where his team worked tirelessly, hoisting up the newly built wardrobe to Ms Lin’s master suite. 

“Adrian, his team, and his coordination efforts really impressed me. Working with Sevenvine was like watching a well-oiled machine operating in perfect timing. He worked out the proposed timeline, and budget and understood the situation to the tee.” said Ms Lin when we reached out to her. 

All within a single day, the team lifted up the wardrobe into the room, ending Ms Lin’s 2-month-long wardrobe nightmare. 

“Adrian went beyond what was required, delivered, and was even able to incorporate everything I had needed into a brand new wardrobe. It had a proper mirror, modular configurations, and everything he designed suited my needs,” said Ms Lin. 

Advice to other homeowners

There are many unforeseen challenges that you may face when building your beautiful home. Here are some pointers Ms Lin shared for those of you who may be facing a similar problem: 

  1. Always speak to a local interior designer or brand first.

    “I find that local brands tend to understand the need of us homeowners the best. Dealing with locals is something they do on a daily basis, and they are more likely to solve a problem unique to local homeowners.”
  2. Find a service provider that not only can deliver based on design but someone that can devise out-of-the-box solutions to your not-so-everyday problems. 

A renovation or building of your new home is never going to be a seamless process. Find someone that you can trust and the same time has the technical expertise to execute the job – These are the people that deserve recognition and deserve to be rewarded with more jobs. 

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