What happens when the designers have full control over the renovation and styling?

What happens when you leave the design and styling of your home completely to your award-winning interior designers’ discretion? That’s exactly what these homeowners did with i.Poise Design, and the result is simply stunning!

When it comes to designing a brand-new home, homeowners are often up to their teeth with inputs and directions for their interior designer. Especially with the myriad of renovation horror stories circulating the internet, trust, in the interior design industry is indeed a luxury that many fail to appreciate.

These homeowners however, decided to take a leap of faith, leaving an empty canvass in the form of their 4-Room Resale HDB flat, and their chosen interior design team at the wheel with complete control. And the result? A stunning modern lux masterpiece.

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Excited about the task at hand, the award-winning design team at i.Poise took no hesitation in gathering the necessary information that they needed. After an initial kick-off discussion with the homeowners, they canvassed the various requirements that the homeowners had – color scheme, theme of the house as well as the intricate lifestyle details that set the direction for the final design. With that, the team got down to work.

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A Modern Lux Masterpiece

“Our clients love hosting” quoted principal designer Eugene Seah, introducing the large living room and the sofa in the center of it that could easily fit 10. There was no lack of intricate space planning that involved in creating a masterpiece that their clients could call home, hacking almost every single room down to open the space. What’s left is a beautiful TV feature wall, taking center stage in a unique open-concept home.

From the benches, soft furnishing and even the paintings that are seamlessly integrated into the walls of the house, each piece had been carefully curated by the i.Poise team to fit the modern lux look.

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A Stunning Kitchen

For the kitchen, the design team kept it as minimalistic as possible, letting the selected materials and textures speak from themselves.

A sintered slab countertop makes up the island and dining table in the middle of the kitchen. “What makes it unique is the dining table is suspended by glass, instead of a normal laminate finishing” shares Nicole designer from i.Poise “creating a light and floaty feel” also reflected in the selection of ‘ghost’ dining chairs.

For the kitchen backsplash, the team opted for a turquoise-colored ‘KitKat-styled’ tile, exuding the homeowner’s request of adding a splash of their favorite color in the final design. The team also kept the kitchen cabinets a simple matte-black, allowing the turquoise to really stand out.

A Dreamy Master Bedroom

Truly showing off the design team’s attention to details, the master bedroom starts off with a huge walk-in wardrobe space that even comes with its own accessories island. The first thing that one will notice is the rounded recessed handles that are synonymous throughout the home. “We wanted something a bit different from the rounded door handles” shares Nicole while introducing the rounded black door handle.

For the master bedroom, the homeowners wanted only one thing – which is to create a space where they could sleep. And this is what the team at i.Poise delivered! Coupled with blackout curtains and even dimming lights, the master exudes a sense of calmness and serenity, a place that the homeowners can come back to for respite after a long day.

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Having full control – The homeowners approved the first 3D render!

“For this particular project, the homeowners approved the very first 3D render that we delivered” shares Eugene, “They even purchased the artwork and decorations that we proposed”. When it comes to designing a home, only so much of the final design can be attributed to the built-in aesthetics. These homeowners trusted their interior designers and appreciated their inputs so much that they went the extra mile to purchase all the soft furnishings and decorations as recommended. This contributed to the final outcome which is a truly beautiful home.

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