Smurf House?
A 5-Room Resale HDB Modern Lux Transformation


For twenty years, Eugene and his parents have been staying in their ‘SMURF’ home and the time had come for a change. His parents wanted something in the style of modern lux. Eugene on the other hand wanted more space for himself when he comes home from work every day. He wants his home to be the place where he can play his games and do almost whatever he wants. A lover of music, he also wanted a place where he could work and play his guitar to unwind after a day’s hard work.

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In stepped Nicole, from De Exclusive Interior Group who incorporated whatever he proposed for his room, as he was the “major tenant” she aimed to please. Further, she also worked closely to please his parents’ requirements for the home. In the end, not only was he satisfied with the entire renovation, even his parents felt the same sentiments after seeing her finishing touches.

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This idea refers to creating glamour using colours, textures and incorporating different interior design styles like French and Baroque, to name a few. What the rich and famous have, modern luxe is here to provide. Colours like gold, white, black, or ivory along with soft textures like velvet and silk aim to bring out this style that is often associated with royalty and wealth. These glossy and smooth colours are easily seen in the furniture and fittings along with other items like “mirrored’ or even metallic furniture.


This concept is seen through the furnishings and fittings, which consist of various lines and textures to suit the home. For example, a large aquarium greets the visitor on entering the home. This has been Eugene’s father’s favorite item in the house, and he took to it like a fish to water.  Next, the shoe cabinet was flushed with the feature wall to maximise space in the dining area. A circular dining table complements the family dining space complete with circular metallic lights for that modern luxe look. Separating the living room and the sofa from the dining area was the aquarium.

The living room space comprises a large feature wall with a display cabinet. A mounted smart TV complete with the TV console where wires and other items are neatly tucked away from sight against fluted panels for that extra feeling of luxury.


To further enhance this sense of luxuriousness, a sliding door separated the kitchen from the living room for that extra feel of comfort and homeliness. It is nicely done up to create a clean and welcoming look.

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A very satisfied Eugene loves his own room, fitted with a walk-in wardrobe, an Omni desk, a queen-sized bed, guitar corner and his displays all to give him a sense of comfort and coziness. Now he can contend to stay in his room all day and enjoy his privacy.

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The master bedroom comes complete with a bedside desk, a feature wall, and a wardrobe and writing desk. Catering to what the homeowner’s needed, the master room was transformed with a cosy ambience in mind. The toilet stands out for being concealed by a door which further enhances the master room.

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A clean and simplistic feel, it consists of a light feature behind the bedhead, a wardrobe and two working desks. The team at De-exclusive kept this place as simple as possible, meting the homeowner’s requirements in terms of functionality and budget.

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Eugene’s experience with De Exclusive Interior Group and working with Nicole has been so transforming and positive that he highly recommends her and her expertise to anyone wishing to renovate and have that modern lux feel to their home.


'I would definitely recommend Nicole and the entire De-exclusive team. Her attitude is really great throughout this entire renovation process' shares Eugene.


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