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SG Gate Door Window is one of the top suppliers of main gates, doors, and aluminum windows and they pride themselves in practising honest, transparent pricing to their customers and excellent customer support.

SG Gate Door Window comes about by first providing doors to their customers and after listening to their customers’ needs, Ivan, the founder of SG Gate Door Window soon realized that they need to find quality sources of gates, windows, and digital locks too.

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The Gate, Door, Window Gurus

Having dedicated years of learning about what makes good gates, doors, and windows, Ivan understands the frustration faced by his customers when the products they bought did not deliver the standards they claim to be. He strives to get the best for his customers and he would not sell something that he himself would not purchase.

“Because we are renovation-based, we can tell our customers what they need, how to save time and cost, the pros and cons of sinks, and how to save space to ensure easy cleaning. One-stop solution lah.”

Top Range for Digital Locks, Highest Tiers for Doors

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Ivan shares that he is particular about quality and the company only retails quality-certified products from reputable brands such as Bosch, Phillips, and much more for his customers. He also mentions that he could have his products imported from China but he opted for quality over saving money so that his customers would not have to worry about being locked outside of their own homes. Have a look at their e-shop and be wowed by the considerably lower prices as compared to their competitors.

Absolutely no Hard-Selling or Over-Marketing

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“We are always honest. We would even tell the bad side of things to our customers. It is not right to tell customers only the good side of things just to boost sales.”

There is a lot of competition for every product in the market and Ivan has chosen to keep his products affordable while keeping his company running amidst the rising cost of raw materials. He also urges his customers to come to him before they start their renovation so that he could find ways to help them save money and he guarantees that his products will not interfere with the carpentry works of a home renovation.

A One-Stop Solution

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Adding to his already impressive array of products, Ivan also shared that he is in the works of bringing in even more products in the near future. From ceiling fans to shower accessories, be assured of the product quality when purchasing from the Gate Door Window team. Shopping for a home upgrade or revamp has just become that much less stressful with a one-stop solution that you can trust.

“We provide delivery and installation services for all our clients and it is in serving these clients that provide us satisfaction.”

Advice to Homeowners: How to Choose a Good Gate, Door, and Window?


Ivan shares the most important things to look out for when choosing any gate, door, and window:

  1. Choose a Powder-Coated Gate instead of a Spray-Painted one

Powder-coated gates boast a myriad of benefits over those that are not. Durability, rust resistance, long-lasting colours together with cost savings due to the material’s durability are some of such benefits. In a humidity-rich Singapore, it is always good to have rust resistance ticked off the checklist when it comes to your gates.

  1. Get a Solid Door instead of a Semi-Solid Door

The highest tiers are the laminated, solid doors as they have high strength and sound resistance. They can be more expensive than semi-solid doors but the objective here is to reduce cost by having a solution that will last for a long time instead of having to replace a door every now and then.

  1. Make Sure that the installation of the Windows is approved by Building and Construction Authority (BCA) and registered by Housing and Development Board (HDB)

Singapore is serious about ensuring the safety of everyone when it comes to accidents pertaining to window faults. Windows need to be installed by an approved window contractor and a certificate of completion of works needs to be submitted to BCA within 14 days of installation. Also, get your window supplier to do the measurements before the renovation as installation of windows always come in after the hacking work.

A Personal Message to Consumers

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“There is no 100% perfect workmanship for all renovation works.”

Ivan shares that it is not possible to have perfection when it comes to renovation because there will always be limitations, restrictions, and unforeseen circumstances. That is why SG Gate Door Window believes in honesty and kindness when it comes to dealing with their customers instead of giving them false hope and empty promises. He also wishes that his customers would be more understanding as his team works hard to meet their needs to the very best of their abilities.

At the end of the day, when choosing a brand to be part of your renovation journey, it all boils down to how much you trust them. Brands like SG Gate Door Window understand this and it is reflected in how they treat their customers. With customer service at the helm of their business, building lasting relationships with their clients by being a one-stop solution is what SG Gate Door Window sees as the future of the industry and it is such relationships that will make any home makeover or renovation a beautiful one.

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