Debunk the ‘Luxury Hotel Mattress Myth’ and get the best sleep you’ve ever had!


A luxury mattress retailer and his quest to educate the world about sleep.


As the former general manager of the well-known mattress retailer Serta, Elvin dedicated the first years of his career to providing customers with the best possible sleep. After more than 10 years with the brand, Elvin started as a project sales manager but quickly rose through the ranks, eventually leaving the company as general manager. In this role, he had the opportunity to experience what it’s like to work in mattress factories, master the various technologies required to make a good mattress. He also works with major 5-star and 6-star hotel chains in supplying and maintaining their guests’ mattresses, and even represents the brand in Taiwan, Greater China and the ASEAN market.

These days, you would often find Elvin giving educational talks to hospitality students, civil servants, corporate companies and much more, while running his own outfit Luxury Mattress Gallery (LMG). ‘When leaving Serta, I realised that many consumers were buying mattresses based solely on promotions and gifts provided by retailers, some even paying exorbitant prices and falling for marketing gimmicks over choosing something actually good for them.’ Realising this gap in the industry, Elvin spearheaded an initiative to bring quality mattresses to the mass market, at an affordable price point. ‘I intend for LMG to be the change agent in the industry, where consumers are well-educated on what is good for them and for customers to be able to afford these mattresses as well.’

Education and quality at the heart of his business

The average human is estimated to spend over 25 years sleeping – a staggering one-third of their lives. The team at LMG believes that it is for this very reason that consumers should all spend a little more time to get to know how to improve their sleep, starting from choosing the mattresses they sleep on. ‘We take time to educate every customer that walks into LMG. We like to share the technical details on how each mattress is built and how it may or may not be suitable for them.’ The team advocates that customers get to try lying on each bed for minimally 10 to 15 minutes before making a decision. ‘Please do bear with us if we seem a bit more long winded,’ laughs Elvin. Going the extra mile for a complete service, the team at LMG is also trained to recommend the correct pillows and mattress protection sets to each customer that purchases a bed. ‘It’s like how someone buying a Ferrari won’t go for cheap tyres,’ shares Elvin, ‘We feel that it is our obligation to advise and provide the whole package.’

Are ‘Hotel Mattresses’ as good as they may seem?

‘Hotel mattresses, Hotel Series, Hotel Edition – these are all overly used terms and consumers should tread very carefully,’ shares Elvin. Having worked with large hotel chains, Elvin shares that these hotels change their mattresses every 3-5 years. ‘They are not always made with the best materials, hotel beds are actually much cheaper than they are perceived to be.’

In a world full of advertising, Elvin would like to advise consumers to always take a second look at advertising jargon, promotions and gifts. ‘The most attractive prices and promotions may not be the best fit for you. If a quality mattress is what you want, make sure you are not receiving a product that part of a stock clearance exercise.’


How to choose a good bed?

Elvin shares with us the 4 most important things customers should look out for when purchasing a mattress.

  1. Choose mattresses with Heat-Treated Springs

Also known as tempered coils, these spring go through a manufacturing process also known as tempering, making it more long-lasting. These springs are the main agent in supporting the users lying on the beds. The more springs in a mattress, the firmer it would be and the more support it would give. Compared to tempered glass, tempered springs are more durable and would not sink and sag so easily.

  • Check the quality of materials that go into the make of the mattress

Make sure that the mattresses you buy are made out of good latex foams, memory foams and fabric. Check for labels such as ‘No added Methyline Chloride’ amongst other chemicals. The materials that go into the production should be toxic free and not harmful to the skin and respiratory system. Look for certifications, tags and do not be afraid to ask your retailer about these questions.

  • Spend time trying out the mattress!

Do not just look at reviews or the price tag when deciding. Test the product itself before making an informed decision. Spend as much as 15-20 minutes on the bed, toss, turn and determine if the mattress is good for you. Good mattresses should also come with a good pillow. Get the right advice from the sales person about both!

  • Choose a brand with heritage and a history

These brands have spent countless years in research and development, bringing only the best in sleep tech to its consumers. The LMG company carries 3 brands – Van Vorst, SleepMatics and Dreamland. ‘With many more of such brands in the pipeline,’ says Elvin.

A Personal Message to Consumers

‘Do not trust the marketing language any brand, my own included.’ If you are looking for a good mattress, look for the various tell-tale signs such as international presence, the brand’s heritage and make sure it is not an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) product. If you are still unsure if what you are buying is good, LMG also conducts complimentary educational talks regularly and you can register your interest on their website:

‘Elevate your sleep experiences and invest in a good night’s sleep.’ At Luxury Mattress Gallery, we want to make luxury sleep experiences available to all at a fraction of heavily marked retail prices. Our team of experts is well-trained in our products and will be able to find something that suits you best.

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