The Kitchen is Indeed the Heart of the Home

Hugo Homes Siglap Hill-2036

Like any other Asian family, Mr. Peter Tan and his family spend much of their time in their kitchen in their 3-storey landed apartment. “Our fondest memories are made when gathered around the table,” says Mrs. Tan gesturing to the beautifully designed glass-top kitchen island that spans almost the entire kitchen space. It was no…

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3 Interesting Condo Design Themes

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For many Singaporeans, being able to afford a condominium – whether executive or private – means not only having a very comfortable home to live in but also having the prestige or status that comes with it. And for good reason: many of our condos here in Singapore are built by award-winning developers, so you…

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3 Unique Design Styles For HDBs


If you’re looking to be unique and a little bit different from the trend, here are 3 unique designs of real HDB homes to spark that creativity When it comes to interior design themes here in Singapore, some of the more popular and commonplace styles include the likes of Scandinavian, Minimalist, and Modern designs, characteristic…

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4 Unique 5-Room HDB Designs For A Truly Amazing Home


Some design inspirations for your 5-room HDB home One of the great things about having a 5-room HDB flat is the abundance of space. Other than just having more rooms, you also have the luxury of space to be more liberal with your interior design; perhaps, going for something more luxurious or eccentric that you…

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3 Unique Interior Designs Of 4-Room HDB Flats


If you’re collecting your keys to a brand new 4-room BTO soon, here are some interesting and unique design styles of similar 4-room flats for some inspiration. When it comes to public housing here in Singapore, 4-room HDB flats are perhaps the most commonplace. They are like the strong and consistent workhorses of flats, offering…

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Top 4 Living Room Designs By Swiss Interior


Some design inspo for the centrepiece of the home In every home, its heart and soul are undoubtedly centred around its living room. This is where people spend their time unwinding after a long day, where people congregate and conversations and fellowship take place, where the life and vibrancy of parties occur, and where a…

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Top 5 Kitchen Designs by Swiss Interior


Here are our picks on the top 5 kitchen designs by renowned interior design company Swiss Interior If we were to hazard a guess, we’d say that one of the more difficult spaces in a home to design has to be the kitchen. After all, you can’t just design based on aesthetics alone, as you…

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5 Design Ideas For Optimising Space In A 3-Room HDB


How you can design a snazzy yet comfortable home despite not having the luxury of space When it comes to conceptualising a design theme for your home, homeowners would know that there are quite a number of factors to consider, such as budget, lifestyle habits, and of course, the floor space and layout of your…

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What Makes Scandinavian Interiors So Popular?


The clean and minimalist look, combined with light earthy tones, provides for a very uncluttered and calming mood to the home It’s perhaps no surprise that one of the most common interior design styles here in Singapore are Scandinavian-inspired themes. When you’re describing what exactly is a Scandinavian style, you’ll probably use descriptors such as…

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Twin Vew: A Glimpse Through A Bohemian-Styled Home


When it comes to a Bohemian-styled home, you might think of a space characterised by free-spiritedness, lacking in structure, and flowing with colours and textures. Rather than be constrained by a typical design framework like other popular design themes such as industrial or Scandinavian, Bohemian homes are meant to allow for creativity to flow freely;…

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