Traditional Homemakers vs. Small Condo Kitchen 


Smaller kitchens are synonymous with modern-day condominiums. Many of which present with space barely enough for a small pantry. Completed in the year 2009, the relatively new development One Robin is no exception to this predicament. Enter our couple, Mr and Mrs Toh. The Tohs, as we learned from our talk with them, is a…

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Living with her clothes on the floor for almost 2 months!


Picture what life must be like running a family business that is over 142 years old, with 5 generations of family heritage in the books, over 30 employees to manage, countless events and sales meetings to run, along with all the quirks of being a business owner deep within the Covid-19 pandemic. Now imagine coming…

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Young Couple that likes to host VS undesirable BTO layout


Purchasing your first BTO in Singapore is a process filled with a multitude of emotions and decision-making. While there are times that things just seem to go your way, there are many other instances when homeowners may find themselves drawing the short end of the stick. Being allocated a flat with an undesirable layout was…

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