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Sing See Soon 

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The 5th Generation of Sing See Soon Family Business (Photo Credits: Sing See Soon)

Since 1879, Sing See Soon is one of the most in-demand florists and landscaping experts in Singapore. Being a hugely successful family-owned business that is currently in the fifth generation, the home-grown company has gained pioneer status with its prominent portfolio of original and breath-taking floral creations.

Over the years, the company has developed a clientele that includes celebrities and aristocrats and is today, the first call for socialites, royal families, event organizers, top-tier wedding planners, and entertainment producers.

What has cemented our status as a leading florist stems from our unwavering belief in a singular ingredient that nurtures all botanicals - love. As a family, we understand love is what makes the world whole. Love is what seals memories and crystalizes moments.

With Sing See Soon, all of our floral creations are sealed with love.


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