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What is that our customers want? This is the question we constantly ask ourselves as we endeavour to understand and meet our customer’s needs. For some homeowners, it’s creativity, and for others, it’s a home that responds to contemporary living. Whatever it is, we constantly adapt ourselves to provide the solutions our clients need. The ever-growing team of sales consultants and in-house designers in our showroom is always ready to provide assistance to our customers and the projects we undertake.


What does an interior designer do?

They provide design solutions after listening to your needs, offer initial design services for free, oversee home renovation, assist in furniture selection, and ensure timely project completion with reliable contractors.

Who should engage Swiss Interior? 

If you're unsure of how to start changing your home's design or seeking a distinctive interior look, consider hiring an interior designer. Not every project needs one, but they can provide valuable assistance.

How do I know if I have engaged one of the top interior designers in Singapore?

To ensure you have engaged one of the top interior designers in Singapore, look for accreditations from CaseTrust and RCMA, engage experts registered with HDB for HDB or BTO flats, and choose a designer that provides good after-sales care and is committed to delivering every aspect of the project.

How early do I need to look for a recommended interior designer?

Engage an interior designer approximately 4 months before you receive the keys to your new home to provide sufficient time for designing and sourcing materials. Sharing your floor plan and interior photographs with your designer is also recommended.

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