Ask and You Shall Receive: Homeowners build Noah’s Ark as a centrepiece of their home


What makes a house a home? If all we need is a roof over our heads and a bed to sleep in, does it really matter what our floors and walls look like? For the [NAME] family, a home showcases what truly matters to us in a way that represents who we are. So the family knew that the centrepiece of their home would need to be a beautiful amalgamation of their faith, their need for a functional space, and a desire to have something unique.

From this came the Ship Of Memories, a special storage unit, display unit and TV console inspired by the biblical ship built by Noah to safeguard his family and the other creatures of the world. 

We speak to the [NAME] family to find out how they set sail together with their Interior Designer, Winstar from Noble Interior Design on a voyage to build not just a ship, but a cohesive themed home.

All Hands On Deck

When asked what was the biggest challenge of this project, the [NAME] family said: construction. For such a unique piece, practically everything had to be custom made, from the curved portions meant to emulate the ark’s hull to the round ‘windows’ of the ship that act as gatekeepers to tangible pieces of the family’s memories.

Another unique challenge both the family and designer faced was coming up with a functional and aesthetic design for the TV console cover that would blend seamlessly into the design of an ark.

The final cover was made to be folded in half and slotted under the TV itself, a necessary compromise due to the weight of the wood, but aided by the choice of using chains instead of hinges to hold the cover makes all the difference in making it look like a ship’s ramp!

Destination: Kitchen

Moving beyond the ship, we come to the kitchen, a clean and modern design that blends glass with wood surfaces, deliberately making great use of the latter material to match Noah’s Ark.

The original kitchen in the EC was dismantled, with wooden slats favoured for cabinet doors, and an EDL Compact surface with a wood finish replacing the original solid surface, making it both more enduring and more on the theme.

Another unique part of the kitchen is the transparent backsplash which allows visitors to admire the Noah’s Ark centrepiece even from the kitchen. The backsplash is made from Alusplash, a more versatile material that can be freely drilled for installation of accessories, a downside of glass. The smooth surface also makes for easy cleaning and maintenance, a deliberate choice the family and designer made to make the kitchen’s aesthetics more functional!

Destination: Study

Moving to the study which masterfully makes use of a narrow space to create an illusion of spaciousness, we find display units inset into the wall of the room, matching the display unit ‘windows’ of the Noah’s Ark. Perhaps one could even imagine they’re the captain, looking out the floor-to-ceiling windows at the vast ocean before them!

Destination: Kids’ Bedroom

Stepping into the Kids’ Bedroom, you’ll find another ship that (just like actual ships) hides much beneath its surface! The structure houses a play area, sleeping area, and additional storage space, making one structure multi-functional and more efficient for a small room.

This ship is also wrapped with lacquered pinewood veneer sheets instead of the usual laminate finish that normally accompanies carpentry works, to help maintain an authentic wood finish for the exterior of a ship.

With a quirky steering wheel as a light, the kids are getting ready to man their own ship one day!

Destination: Master Bedroom

If there’s one room that’s not quite like the rest, it’s the master bedroom. Decorated in a modern Victorian style, the room pays tribute to the husband and wife’s more elegant and quaint tastes, serving as a respite from the rest of the house. With delicate cornices installed, a graceful chandelier hanging from the ceiling, and soft floral accents on the wall, it’s almost like you’re stepping off a ship and onto a whole new land.

Land Ahoy!

Every journey can seem like a daunting one, especially when it involves building a home straight from one’s dreams. It is heartening to know, however, that with the right Interior Designer, no ocean is too vast to conquer, no dream too big to make real, and no house too difficult to build!

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