About Us

Beautiful Homes is your best resource to overcome challenges while building your own homes.

Our Brand Story

Every home upgrade poses an inexhaustive list of challenges and decisions that need to be made. At Beautiful Homes, you'll get all the experiences of homeowners who have already gone through their rite of passage and learn from their mistakes, heed their advice and be inspired for your own dream home makeover.

The stories that you will find here have been validated by various experts in the home and advertising industry. In addition, we will provide exclusive perspectives on home renovations and makeovers that would ultimately make Beautiful Homes a well-rounded resource that homeowners can trust.

Behind every beautiful home is a beautiful story. It is our company’s mission to seek out these lesser heard stories and tell them to the world. Building a beautiful home goes well beyond design and budget, moreover, it is about the amazing people and brands behind each building block of a home.

We want consumers to know that there is a solution for almost every challenge there is to building a home, and that there are reliable brands out there that have a track record of solving these problems.

With Beautiful Homes as your everyday resource for home-based content, you will be empowered, inspired and equipped with the necessary knowledge to build your very own home.


Our Editorial Promise

  • Renovation and home makeover service providers and products are easy to find, but it can be confusing, overwhelming and overpromising. We are here to change that. We will feature unique stories from the homeowner's perspectives. We will also feature a wide range of topics and viewpoints so that our readers can make educated and informed decisions when it comes to their own home transformation journeys.
  • We will make sure that the stories that we publish are accessible and easy to comprehend. The tone of our hub is empathetic, inclusive and accurate. We will showcase unbiased perspectives and give honest opinions that will benefit future home makers.
  • We will continue to discover and showcase unique stories that are dedicated to inspire, educate and empower our readers.